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Austin ASE Mobile Mechanics

PO BOX 2444
Pflugerville,Tx 78691 (512)348-6964

  • Ed B.
  • CV Axle
  • Drum Brakes

Schedule Services

$40 (1/2 Hr) Diagnostic Service Calls. Text Messaging Friendly. By Appointment only!

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Preventive Maintenance

It's the convenient way to keep your car healthy and in top condition.

Car Tips
Car Tips

Mobile Services

We offer our clients a competitive labor price to repair the vehicle onsite.

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Monday - Saturday:
10am - 6pm


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“Honest, reasonable prices, great work, and really nice guy. I have used him twice now for struts and tie rods. I also asked him to replace the rear shocks, so he took a look and said they are good as-is (another shop recommended unnecessary work). He has literally saved me hundreds on labor and parts (you order the parts--it's easy). Highly recommended.”
Kevin G. Round Rock, TX
“If you've worried that your auto mechanic isn't honest then you need to meet Ed. My mom's car needed a starter and normally this is something I'd replace for her, but, at the time I couldn't. So, I searched for mobile mechanics and found Ed and I'm very glad I did! This man is awesome! He's knowledgable, professional, thourough and communicative. Would highly recommend him for your car.”
Jeremy R. Taylor, TX