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Bras, For Your Car

Whoever coined the term, car bra, must have done so to attract a lot of attention. Apparently, they have succeeded. Cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans are all sporting bras and they are a very attractive site. Let's take a closer look at car bras and what they are all about.

Not all car bras are called car bras. Other names you will hear are hood protectors or car masks. Personally, they look like masks more than anything to me in that they cover the front end [or face] of the car, leaving headlights and turn signal lights free. Some are designed so that fog lights can also be bra free.

Besides looking absolutely cool, car bras do have a practical function to them. A properly installed bra will protect your car's front end from flying debris, rocks kicked up by other vehicles while you drive down the highway, insects, and road tar.

Some bras cover the entire hood while others cover the grill and a small section of the front of the hood. In the latter case, two piece car bras allow for you to keep the bra on while still being able to lift the hood, if need be. Some car bras must be removed in order to access the hood.

Car bras are made of a leather looking material, typically vinyl. The underside is usually made of a flannel material to prevent scratches to your car's surface.

Just like a bra you buy for yourself - or for your wife, guys - there is no one-size-fits-all car bra. Make sure that the car bra you purchase is for the specific make and model of your vehicle. Size matters!

Installation is easy and takes fifteen minutes or less. No tools are required as you simply fit everything into place.

So, protect yourself with a bra. Protect your vehicle, that is!
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Written by: Matthew C. Keegan

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