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Can't Decide On A Hybrid Car? Why Not Try An SUV?

Maybe simply buying a lightweight hybrid car does not feel right. Being an all-American consumer made grander by having an all-American family, you might want to try a hybrid SUV. Fortunately for you, there already are hybrid versions of SUVs in the market, so you won't really run out of options.

While it isn't likely that you'll save the same amount of gas as when you get a hybrid car like a Civic or a Prius, getting an SUV will still afford you a similar advantage.

Consumer reports say that the most efficient SUV out in the US market today is the Ford Escape. Observers also recommend the Toyota Highlander hybrid SUV, because of its wider seating and storage capacity, though it has been found to be less fuel efficient that the Escape.

The Toyota Highlander has also been observed to be more powerful than the Escape. If you have a huge family, the Highlander SUV might be a better choice. But if you're more into the fuel efficiency factor, then go for the Ford. Don't take this article's word for it solely, though. It's better if you go see for yourself which hybrid SUV type suits your needs better.

Other hybrid SUVS out in the market include the Lexus RX 400h Hybrid SUV and Mercury Mariner Hybrid SUV. The Lexus is more pricey and fit for the affluent car consumer, while the Mariner is simply a more upmarket version of the Ford Escape. These two models are for those people who want fuel-efficient SUVs but are still hesitating how much of style and class they want to forego.

Next year, new hybrid SUVS are expected to be out, including the Toyota Sienna Minivan, The Chevrolet Tahoe and the Saturn VUE Hybrid. The Tahoe Hybrid is expected to be 25% more fuel-efficient than the traditional Tahoe car.

Also in the works, but likely to come out at a later time, are the Ford Edge Hybrid, the Cadillac Escalade, the Mazda Tribute, the Honda Pilot, the GMC Yukon, the Porsche Cayenne and the Lincoln MKX.

More people are turning to hybrid cars these days because of their promise of lesser fuel consumption and environmental friendliness. Hybrid SUVs, because they run on both fuel and battery-powered engines, eat up less fuel, thereby sparing the consumer the pain of falling prey to price pressures in the world oil market. In addition, it also emits significantly less smog pollutants in the air, compared to traditional fuel-operated cars.

Some critics say that it is not the time to buy hybrid vehicles because they are expensive. However, when you consider the advantages, you really shouldn't think twice.

While you must be discerning in choosing the right model for your needs, this doesn't mean you start hesitating. After all, when more people patronize hybrid cars and hybrid SUVs, manufacturers will see the need to produce more and eventually bring its price at very affordable levels.

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