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Is Buying Hybrid Vehicles Really Worth It?

Hybrid vehicles have been touted as the modern revolutionary and practical cars of the new generation. But have you ever asked yourself if the claims made by the manufacturers of such cars are really founded and accurate?

Perhaps, you have not attempted to challenge or even doubt claims that hybrid vehicles are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Have you asked yourself why you did not even bother to ask the validity of such unfounded claims?

True to its name, hybrid vehicles are the modern and improved modifications of the conventional and traditional car. Because the costs of gasoline are almost always on the rise, manufacturers and consumers alike aim for cost savings and efficiency to maximize money’s worth.

But is it really true that hybrid cars or vehicles are fuel-efficient? The idea that the hybrids are run by gasoline and electricity from batteries will logically set up the mindset and thinking that these cars are reducing overall consumption of gasoline.

It can be true, but remember, only minimal amounts of savings are at stake because the electricity provided by built in batteries in cars will almost always fall short of the cars’ requirement for power.

It means, running the car will still rely on the power and energy to be provided by the gasoline. Experts and physicists have long argued that proposition, but did anyone really get to focus and consider them?

A Scam?

So is it to be considered or called a scam because if the argument is valid, then car makers have misled and deceived consumers and car buyers.

But experts say the claims can be misleading, but are also based on practical knowledge and application. The claims are still true that gasoline consumption are less compared to consumption by conventional and non-hybrid vehicles.

So the notion would be considered a scam, relative and depending on the outlook and view of the user or the opinion-maker.

The issue on mileage

The mileage issue is another aspect that raises concerns and arguments over the efficiency of the hybrid vehicles. Experts and car professionals have asserted that the hybrid cars do not really promise to outpace and provide greater speed travel than the traditional cars.

There are also cases and complaints filed and raised by buyers of the pioneering hybrid vehicles over their disappointments over the speed capacity of their acquired hybrid cars.

That can be true because basically, the hybrid technology is still in the advancing stage and further improvements and upgrades are yet to be unrolled or seen.

Upon their launch, many consumers were misguided and thought the cars were faster than the traditional and fast cars models out in the market today. But the fuel efficiency comes with sacrifices and unfortunately, the speed capacity and mileage is the principal casualty on the hybrid vehicles’ front.

Environmental impact

They say hybrid cars emit less carbon monoxide because the car is not entirely run by gasoline. True, but the greenhouse gas emission reduction is not as significant as projected or advertised.

Experts attest that the carbon monoxide emissions of hybrid cars are less but not significantly compared to the traditional cars.

If more and more hybrid cars are to be purchased and used across the country, the difference in environmental impact would surely disappoint fanatics and admirers of the car technology.


The most sensitive and substantial issues around the hybrid vehicles revolve around its pricing and costs.

On the average, hybrid cars are priced at premium rates or significantly higher than even the most expensive traditional car of today.

That is why hybrid cars are still considered luxury and not basic nowadays. The affluent citizens are surely the only people to be able to purchase the cars, considering the astronomical and heart-pumping tag prices that come along with them.

Thus, before buying a hybrid car, experts advise consumers to first consider their options and thoroughly go through the figures over hybrid cars’ features and advantages.

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