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The Hybrid Cars of Toyota, Amazingly Unique!

Toyota, the famous Japanese car brand, is one of the very few car makers that had initially taken the heed to develop and market hybrid cars in the market.

It is in this dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction that sets Toyota above the rest. Now, it enjoys being the top car seller worldwide, beating the long-time leaders and giants like the United States-based General Motors and Germany’s Ford and Volkswagen.

Toyota has been on top for valid and practical reasons. It is determined to snap away leadership from threats and competition.

The strategy adopted by the company in unveiling and marketing hybrid cars is immensely amazing. Today, there are two top hybrid car models originating from Toyota that would surely be on top of your list when you shop around for hybrid cars.

The Toyota Prius hybrid

The Toyota Prius definitely is Toyota’s middle-sized gasoline-electric or otherwise known as hybrid car. This hybrid car, according to earlier buyers are really a joy to drive.

The Toyota Prius relies on an effective combination of the gas engine, the electric motor and a set of battery pack that move and run the hybrid car going along the road.

Prices range from $20,875 for the basic model, going up to about $25,940. Demand for this hybrid car model has outpaced its own production; thus, some buyers are already waiting weeks or even months just so they could own a Prius.

Consequently, Toyota has abruptly increased the production of this hybrid car. As most of the car’s early buyers and owners would tell you, it is definitely worth all the wait.

Prius’ technology

When you are driving a Prius, it would be hard not be amazed by the hybrid car’s technology. Engine starting this hybrid car is not done simply by turning a key the traditional way, spurring ignition.

Initiating this hybrid car is done by pressing the round “Power” push button on the dash. You will also find an interactive, a touch sensitive, a multi-information display monitor or screen that is mounted within in the center console.

This display has a number of modes and can indicate things like energy flow between power and train components, the consumption of fuel, the radio settings, the sensitive climate control, or the many other function of this hybrid vehicle.

But the car’s technology, just like its ultra and unique futuristic styling and exterior design, could be seen either positively or negatively, that would depend on an observer’s point of view.

Overall, the Toyota Prius hybrid car delivers smoother ride and definitely has ample amounts of rooms for a number of passengers. The interior volume is also very versatile. Similarly, the lift-back hatch in the rear and the fold down seats in the rear will make make carrying heavier and larger items so easy.

The Toyota Camry

Definitely, no one will be accused of committing reckless driving for purchasing a Toyota Camry hybrid.

This hybrid car model is so safe, dependable, comfortable and attractive, not to mention predictable. Based on the sales volume—about 430,000 units sold in the United States alone in 2005—most Americans are so happy with the reliability and affordability of this set of wheels that are fit for the family.

The Toyota Camry hybrid has been America's top-selling passenger hybrid vehicle for the past couple of years.

Being practical, why not invest a premium or more for the Toyota Camry hybrid drive, which offers an Environmental Protection Agency high-rating of about 40 miles to a gallon, giving you about 700 miles between breaks or next visit to the nearest gas station?

The Toyota Camry hybrid car is not the industry’s first attempt to offer a hybrid vehicle in an upbeat, vogue and ultra-popular model. In late 2004, rival firm Honda launched the hybrid version of its top seller Accord—the United States’ second most popular model of car behind the Camry.

But, Honda run short on its effort for hybrids because it used hybrid technology for supposedly better performance rather than for fuel economy, which is deemed more important these times due to the soaring gasoline prices.

Overall, whichever Toyota hybrid car model you choose, for sure you will always be a winner. Toyota really has come up with the best and high-quality cars, hybrid or not, surpassing all the competitors.

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